ICVS2007 // Vision Systems in the Real World: Adaptation, Learning, Evaluation // 21.03.-24.03.2007 // hosted by Bielefeld University, Germany
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GI - Computer Vision Section
Bielefeld University
Conference Sponsor: SFB 673 - Alignment in Communication
Workshop Sponsor: Multimedia Understanding through Semantics, Computation and Learning (MUSCLE)

Camera Calibration Methods for Computer Vision Systems - CCMVS2007

Update: Tentative Schedule available!

Update: Deadline for abstracts extended!

Description of the workshop

Camera calibration is an enabling technology necessary for a wide range of computer vision systems relying on different cues (e.g. 3D data, colour, defocus). This workshop aims at bringing together researchers in computer vision and photogrammetry from universities and industry. Relevant fields are geometrical methods for determining internal and external camera parameters, including non-standard image formation geometries such as those displayed by omnidirectional cameras, fisheye or cylinder lenses, etc. A further area of interest is radiometric calibration as well as calibration of other optical effects such as lens PSF, depth-dependent defocus, vignetting, or chromatic aberration. Of special interest for autonomous computer vision system are methods for automatic consistency checking and adjustment of calibration parameters as well as approaches to self-calibration in structured or unstructured environments.

The specific objectives are:

  • Gain a comprehensive overview about the current state of the art in the field of camera calibration, both geometric and radiometric
  • Bridge the gap between the domains of computer vision and photogrammetry
  • Provide an interdisciplinary forum for the exchange of ideas in the various domains of camera calibration

The workshop programme is based on 10-12 oral presentations and will provide an opportunity for discussions during the presentation session, and posters depending on the number and the quality of contributions.

General topics

  • Practical approaches to classical geometrical camera calibration, both internal and external parameters
  • Calibration of non-pinhole camera geometries
  • Radiometric calibration (absolute radiance and colour)
  • Calibration of other lens-specific effects (spatially variable PSF, depth-dependent defocus, vignetting, chromatic aberration)
  • Online consistency checking of the aforementioned parameters, optionally including their autonomous adjustment within the vision system
  • Self-calibration approaches
  • Calibration of active vision systems, including motorised zoom lenses

Tentative Schedule

Workshop Session I

Wednesday, March 21st, 09:30-12:15

Workshop Session II

Wednesday, March 21st, 13:30-16:00

Expected audience

Practitioners of calibration, designers of computer vision systems

Programme committee

  • Jean-Yves Bouguet, Intel Corporation
  • Wolfgang Förstner, University of Bonn, Germany
  • Lars Krüger, DaimlerChrysler AG
  • Thomas Luhmann, University of Applied Sciences Oldenburg/Wilhelmshaven, Germany
  • Christian Wöhler, DaimlerChrysler AG

Submissions (format, styles, etc.)

Extended abstracts of 2 pages maximum length in PDF format should be submitted via the ICVS online conference management system. Decision of acceptance will be based on the submitted abstracts. Camera-ready papers should be in LNCS format (same as contributions to ICVS main conference) with a maximum length of 10 pages.

Important dates

Submission of extended abstracts:   8th February 2007
Notification of acceptance:   2nd March 2007
Camera ready paper:   20th March 2007
Workshop on CCMCVS:   21st March 2007, 9am to 1pm

Workshop organizers, contact

Dr. Christian Wöhler
DaimlerChrysler Group Research
P.O. Box 2360
89013 Ulm

Lars Krüger
DaimlerChrysler Group Research
P.O. Box 2360
89013 Ulm



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